So I’m going to be hosting a giveaway for new and former users as a celebration to my awesome start here on Flight Rising!

I’m breeding these two and these are their babins : D Their having 3

You can reserve an egg on a first come first serve basis, I’m only giving them to users who need them, dont have many dragons or are having a rough start so I’ll be looking at your dragon lair.

Just reblog this post with your Username and User ID! Good Luck!

Username: Nepherim
ID: 48157

Does anyone have an adult dragon, ready to breed, that they can sell me for cheap? I’m a newbie, just joined this morning, but I really don’t like my tundra progen, and I’d rather have something else to breed with. ;_; I want to make pretty babies. 

I’m Nepherim over on flight. <3 

Thank you!

Zeph at #6312 is amazing and sweet. That is all. <3

Hiiii there! I jumped on the bandwagon and joined flight rising today, my username is Nepherim (#48157). However, I’m already kind of lost, and would love to make some new friends. 

My skype is skyneph and I’d love if you’d hit me up! 

Artist Event

I really really just want to thank everyone who bought something during the artist event, from either me, or any other artist. I didn’t expect to really make anything at all when it happened, but I did, and though it might be just a bonus for others, I know a few artists, including me, who could put the money to good use for bills or otherwise. 

So I just want to thank you again, for everyone who bought something from me, or any other artist, it’s incredible to see such support from a community, and you are incredibly appreciated! 

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Another Commission from the Artist Event for Sandcloud!

Another Commission from the Artist Event for Sandcloud!

Just me. Nothing special to see here.